Matrixswap ($MATRIX) Liquidity Mining Program Is LIVE On Multichain DEX Dfyn
Glenn BONΞZ Bona
September 13, 2021
We are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Dfyn, one of the fastest-growing AMMs on the Polygon network.
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As we continue on our mission to bring Matrixswap to the masses, we aim to align with projects who share our goals of a multichain metaverse. This is why we are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Dfyn, one of the fastest-growing AMMs on the Polygon network.

Dfyn nodes are spread across various Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains which allow for interoperability between assets and liquidity pools on different platforms. This setup helps bring liquidity entry and exit points into their cross-chain liquidity super mesh.

Our partnership allows Matrixswap tokens ($MATRIX) to be a part of this multichain super mesh and be available to trade within Dfyn’s DEX. Users can use their $MATRIX tokens to participate in liquidity mining through different pools available in Dfyn where liquidity providers can reap even more rewards.

We’re thrilled to give Matrixswap users the ability to use our token right away after IDO and have access to liquidity on Polygon. Dfyn is a great partner because they share our multichain vision and aim to provide gasless transactions to users. It’s an honor to have our native token $MATRIX listed on the Dfyn exchange.

Joseph Liu, Project Lead at Matrixswap

Liquidity Mining Program — Phase 1

We are excited to announce Matrixswap Liquidity Mining Program is now live on the Dfyn Exchange. At Matrixswap, we believe in the power of community, that’s why we want to get the $MATRIX distributed to more individuals across communities. Following our successful IDO event on September 10th and Uniswap listing on September 11th, the $MATRIX token holders will now be able to stake and earn more tokens.

The first phase of the liquidity mining program will be live from September 13th and will continue for a duration of 30 days with a total reward of 450,000 $MATRIX. Users can provide the liquidity pair of MATRIX/ETH and earn $MATRIX tokens as rewards. The liquidity pool will have a daily reward of 15,000 $MATRIX tokens.

$MATRIX token rewards will have a vesting schedule with 20% being released on October 13th. The remaining rewards will be released 20% every other month.

How to get $MATRIX tokens on Polygon Network

Well, there are two ways you can get $MATRIX on Polygon:

  1. Directly purchase $MATRIX on
  2. Bridge your $MATRIX tokens from Ethereum to Polygon

*IMPORTANT NOTE*: Contract address of MATRIX tokens on polygon network is 0x211f4e76fcb811ed2b310a232a24b3445d95e3bc

To bridge tokens from Ethereum to Polygon, you can follow this guide —

Why Polygon?

At Matrixswap, we believe that multi-chain compatibility is the future of cryptocurrency. Ethereum is a stable and robust network, powering thousands of platforms and organizations. The drawback is that as network congestion rises, the fees to transact become increasingly volatile. Polygon’s Layer 2 network is a strong, reliable, and fast network, with the added bonus of dramatically decreasing network fees.

We are providing the interoperability with $MATRIX to flow between these two networks to allow our community to make the choice on how and where they can utilize the capabilities of the token. With our Stage 1 Liquidity Mining Program on, our community has the opportunity to save exponentially on fees that would otherwise be incurred on Ethereum Layer 1.

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