Matrixswap Is Now Listed On Uniswap — How to Buy $MATRIX Tokens
Glenn BONΞZ Bona
September 11, 2021
Today, Matrixswap is excited to announce that it will launch its $MATRIX token on Uniswap shortly after its IDO on Cardstarter.
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Today, Matrixswap is excited to announce that it will launch its $MATRIX token on Uniswap shortly after its IDO on Cardstarter. This allows users to start trading the $MATRIX token with a wide variety of ERC-20 tokens already existing on the market.

The Uniswap listing will occur on September 11, 2021, at approximately 16:00 UTC.

Initial Liquidity: $120k USD in $MATRIX, $120K in ETH.
Listing Price: $0.10 per $MATRIX
Initial Market Capitalization: $500,000
Trading Pair: $ETH/ $MATRIX
Token Type: ERC-20
DEX: Uniswap V2
Official Matrixswap Token Contract Address (Please double check and verify before buying): 0xc8d3dcb63c38607cb0c9d3f55e8ecce628a01c36
Uniswap Trading Pair:

The Uniswap listing allows even more people to participate in what’s being built on Matrixswap. Following this event, the Matrixswap team looks to announce further DEX listings and liquidity mining programs for its MATRIX token.

The MATRIX token is the governance and utility token for the perpetual swaps trading platform, Matrixswap. It gives voting rights to proposals and helps direct the future of the project through ZionDAO.

Uniswap DEX listing is just the beginning of Matrixswap’s journey. I’d like to thank our advisors, early investors, KOLs, community members and every single team member within the Matrixswap organization for your efforts. We have so many more exciting developments and news to share with you all, and I can’t wait.

Josesph Liu, Matrixswap Project Lead

How to Buy $MATRIX tokens on Uniswap

  1. Access the Uniswap Exchange.

2. Log into your Metamask wallet, by clicking on “Connect” at the top right corner and authorize the operation.

3. Enter the token contact address for $MATRIX: 0xc8d3dcb63c38607cb0c9d3f55e8ecce628a01c36

4. Click import.

5. Choose the currency you want to exchange for $MATRIX and the input or output amount.

6. Click on “Swap”, approve the Metamask transaction and confirm gas fees (we suggest using the recommended gas fees.)

7. Enjoy your new funds!

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